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Monday, February 27, 2012


Exactly what part of his site qualifies as a job board? I've looked everywhere and see nothing except a few links on the side. It would be great if you could profile a real job site.

I must say I've noticed an extreme drop in traffic ever since Google has rolled out the remainder of their Panda updates. My job-a-matic site was seeing anywhere from 500-1000 hits a day, and has dropped to under 100 for the entire month of April. Now it's treading water at around 20 hits per day.

This is extremely concerning and I've seen the same drop across the board for all of my websites. I guess the new SEO rules simply hate jobamatic websites.

What does Simply Hired plan to do about this? Do you have any suggestions?

I came across this site. I'm using a competitor of Jobamatic, but thinking of switching. Can anyone (or Jobamatic) comment on SEO?

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