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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Can the job board listing be qualified by the user's IP location like the widgets can? It's pretty restricting to have to specify a location.

Hi Pete,

Unfortunately at this time, job listings on the job board can not be based on the user's IP as the widgets can.

Why is the "backfill" not showing on my site? i just created the site 7 hours ago. Is it because I need to get at least one paying customer? Thanks a bunch!

Hi JOb,

Backfill will be included on your Job-a-matic site as long as the "Always show backfill" is selected. Does backfill appear if you set the search query to something simple, such as setting the location to "Austin, TX"? If so, the problem lies in your search terms.

The query searches ALL terms so chances are, the combination of the search fields that contain terms is causing your search string to be too specific and we don't have any matching jobs in our database.

Let us know if removing search terms fixes the problem. Thanks!

Thank you Jobamatic!

In regards to the job board not being able to be used with the Users IP address to display jobs, is it possible to accomplish this with the use of the XML/API feed? If so, how would it be done? My entire website is built using the XML feed and I have yet to find a way to accomplish this ability.

You can set location based on IP address with the widgets, but not with a Job-a-matic board or the XML API at this time.

Thanks for this post, I think it is quite clear on how one can set up Backfill Jobs on their websites.

However, I I'm sorry if I'm taking you out of the topic under discussion as I was wondering, how do I benefit from having simply hired job listing, i.e. backfill on my website?

I actually came across this website for the first time today, and I've been looking for how I could get jobs listed on my website: http://job-description-templates.com (if you don't mind me stating my website), for my visitors.

Please can you tell me what I stand to benefit by having your backfill on my website?

Hi Dan,

By adding job listings on your site through our Job-a-matic software, you can add great (and relevant!) content to your site, and create your own job board where your visitors can post jobs on your site. Not to mention, anytime someone posts a job listing to your job board or clicks on a link to a sponsored job, you'll earn revenue.

So overall, Job-a-matic can provide you with great content and a nice way to earn some extra cash.

Thanks for your prompt response to my inquiry above , I'm now really excited having Job-a-matic on my site. This is really cool!

im going to try this out on a website of mine, I hope that jobamatic can give my visitors great value!

Hi Thare! Thanks for your good info but i may need a little more help with this.. i proceed AL the steps but after i couldn't log in back on(sorry for my bad English im European)can i have don something wrong? i dinette do anything weird or so.. Good day everybody greetings

multiple locations. How can i add multiple locations on your backfill jobs? I know we can add multiple company names but wondered if there is a way to add multiple cities.


I want to show only last 7 days or some days ago, and not all your database. How can I config my problem?

No offense, but i suggest admin adding a google+ button for easy share!

Is there a way to populate the values of the meta tags on the main site url? I have backfill enabled and am getting results, just no meta tag values. The tags are there but with no data. I do get values on a query though. Any ideas? Thank you!

I cannot get the backfill jobs to show on my website. I have tried all the suggestions and nothing works. I have submitted two request regarding this issue and haven't received a response. Anything else that can be done other than what has been suggested? Any help that can be provided, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.


This has been passed to the Job-a-matic team. Someone will email you for additional details so we can better assist you.

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